Natural Vitality.  In Your Hands.

Explore and harness your capacity for healing using energy and intention in a directed way with this alternative healing modality.  Bring peace, relaxation, and relief from stress and ailments with hands-on methods and other gentle, non-invasive techniques.  Learn to develop this awareness for self-healing, healing of others, and even teaching others to use this natural gift.

Exploration to Mastery

We offer a complete progression for learning Reiki, from first explorations in energy work and self-healing at Level I, to Reiki Master and Master Teacher certifications.  Take a look at our courses below and get started toward your healthiest, most holistic well-being yet!

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A Complete Reiki Learning Path

Begin by exploring your energetic reality and the basis of metaphysical healing, and progress toward techniques in self-healing, healing others, and even working with the healing arts as a practitioner to the public.  Further your studies by entering a mentorship to become a Reiki Master, and for those who wish to teach, learning to teach and attune others to the powerful energy of Reiki.  See course descriptions below, and be sure to check your local studio location for upcoming course dates.


Reiki Level I : The Gift of Self-Healing

Learn to develop natural energetic awareness and methods of concentration and meditation for self-healing.  Earn Level 1 Reiki Attunement, including official certification awarded for successful completion of training.


Reiki Level 2: The Gift of Healing Others

Learn to bring peace, relaxation, and relief from stress and ailments with hands-on methods and other gentle techniques for healing others.  You will learn the hand positions for Reiki treatment for a variety of conditions and organs, with a chakra-based focus to better understand the holistic effects of this work. Achieve Level 2 Reiki Attunement via this session, with certificate provided upon successful completion.


Reiki III & IV: Master/Master Teacher Mentorship

In the senior levels of training, focus on the power of the Master Key, how to apply the tools of Reiki via your own case studies, and how to teach and attune others to Reiki. This 3-session individualized program uses a chakra-based focus to better understand and impact the holistic effects of this work. You will be Reiki Master Attuned by the end of session 2, and certified as a Reiki teacher at the completion of session 3.

Next Steps...

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