Tread Your Own Path.

We offer an innovative approach within our Advanced Studies program that allows you to customize your training experience by your interests, talents, and skills.  Much like electives in college, you get to focus on the subjects you're most interested in and that will serve you best.  You'll forge your personal journey and expertise in a way that's as unique as you are, and enjoy it, too.

Whether to fulfill your 300-hour Advanced Studies hours for the RYT500 credential with Yoga Alliance (pending approval), or to deepen your personal knowledge and self-mastery within the teachings of yoga and meditation, we allow you the freedom and flexibility to pursue what you want, how and when you want it.

How It Works

Each of our Advanced Studies Course Modules follows the same basic template to present a variety of interesting philosophies, practices, and specialty disciplines while fulfilling the required training hours for certification, so you can proceed with ease and confidence to create your journey.

Choose 6 50-hour courses that inspire you to fulfill the complete 300-hour certification program in as much or as little time as you like.  Many of our courses work in progression, so you can delve into a topic that seems interesting, and take the next module to go even deeper if it really sparks you - or simply move on to pursue a variety of interests.  Courses are most often offered as a long-weekend immersion intensive.

Advanced Studies Coming in 2018!

Advanced Chakra Studies I

Advanced Chakra Studies II

Exploring the Yoga of the Aura & More

Divine Language: Sanskrit Study and Yoga Vocabulary

Chanting the Chakras: Sanskrit Specialty Study - Level I

Chanting the Chakras: Sanskrit Specialty Study - Level II

Mantra Study Intensive: Hatha Yoga

Mantra Study Intensive: Kundalini Yoga

Mudra Study Intensive: Harnessing Energetic Potential through Sacred Gesture

Energy Embodied: Dancing the Chakras

Traditional Tantric Kriyas Intensive Study

Meditation: Techniques and Practices for Beginners

Meditation: Techniques and Practices for Advanced Practitioners - Hatha

Meditation: Techniques and Practices for Advanced Practitioners - Kundalini

Resting in Consciousness: Yoga Nidra

Vinyasa Practices & the Stories of the Asanas

Yoga, Meditation, and a Lifestyle in Balance

Advanced Asanas & How to Teach Them

Ashtanga Primary Series

Refining & Advancing Ashtanga Primary Series

Ashtanga Second Series

Hatha Focus Study: Physical Health

Hatha Focus Study: Mental & Emotional Well-being

Hatha Focus Study: Addiction

Hatha Focus Study: Special Needs

Hatha for Families

Kundalini Focus Study: Physical Health

Kundalini Focus Study: Mental & Emotional Well-being

Kundalini Focus Study: Addiction

Kundalini Focus Study: Special Needs

Kundalini for Families


Due to the unique nature of our Advanced Studies program, pricing is offered per course.  Six (6) 50-hour courses are required to complete the Advanced Studies program.

Pay per course as you go.  Your on-going tuition rate is guaranteed for 5 years, so you can calculate your investment without worrying about increases. Early bird registration discounts apply, so plan ahead and take advantage of savings!

2018 Enrollee Advanced Studies Course Rate  $889

Next Steps...

Your education is an investment in yourself and your intention for the future.  We are happy to help with any questions or considerations you may have, and can lend our experience to help guide you.