Reiki helps empower you to clear the energy within and around you.

In addition to working with you personally, we would be happy to apply our alternative wellness modalities to invite blessings to your home or office space. The space we inhabit is just as important as the field of energy we carry around our personal bodies and carries a vibration that either helps or hinders.

Reiki invites positive energy into your space, dispels unwanted frequencies, and creates ongoing protection from negative influences.

One of our certified Reiki Masters will meet with you privately and in confidence to discuss your needs and help you apply the techniques that can most empower you to find healing, light, and energy in your life.


Reiki & Alternative Wellness Services


Choose from a variety of techniques, including:

* Reiki hands-on energy work
* Chakra balancing & clearing
* Gemstone and crystal healing
* Sound therapy
* Smudging / "Sage-ing"
* Aromatherapy
* Herbal formulas
* Other modalities as needed


Contact us today to privately discuss your needs.