Whether you seek a deeper knowledge for yourself or are ready to share the benefits of yoga with others, we have In-Depth Studies and Yoga Alliance-approved Teacher Training programs to expand your journey.

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We offer a complete progression for learning Reiki, from first explorations in energy work and self-care at Level I, to Reiki Practitioner, Master, and Master Teacher certifications.  Take a look at our courses to get started!

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Children are our most precious resource... and natural yogis!  We offer accredited specialized training for yoga teachers, educators, health professionals, and parents to bring yoga and mindfulness practices into the community.

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To us, yoga is an authentic way of finding wellness, peace, and community.  It's the welcoming arms of a friend, the smile of a teacher, the nurturing of a mother.  It's not a competitive sport or gymnastics routine, but a way back to who you really are.  At the heart of it all, the wonderful energy and tradition of yoga is here to help bring well-being into your life, and we're so happy for this chance to share it with you.

Deepen your journey within our In-Depth Studies and Teacher Training programs.  Everyone is welcome!


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Whether you're a first-time yogi looking for classes, diving deeper in search of Teacher Training, or even searching for the perfect serenity for your office, we're here to help! Peruse the site to see what we offer, and feel free to reach out to us for any questions - any time.