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A Tea for Every Yogi

Have a little fun browsing in our Yogi Shop full of organic herbal teas, books, handmade jewelry and gifts, and an array of fair trade handcrafted items from India, Thailand, Tibet, Nepal, and more.

Whether you're in the studio or shopping online, you're sure to find something fun to treat yourself with today.  Our unique finds make wonderful gifts, too - many items are one of a kind!


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Traveling has always been my passion. As early as my teens, I would save up and take off for global adventures, usually quite off the beaten path, and often without a hotel reservation or even a map. I love diving into a new culture head first - meeting new people, lifestyles, and languages of far off places, and soaking in the experience of just *being* in these moments.

As many of us do, I often spend the last days of a trip gathering up a few meaningful mementos as a reminder of these beautiful experiences.

Instead of an airport trinket, I love to take home a piece of daily life. These are the things that connect us.

A sleeping hammock from the Mayan roadside stand of a tribal craftswoman, or a beautiful vintage skirt from a village market nestled inside of a volcano's crater. A wonderful journal made from hand-pounded paper of indigenous leaves, or an antique Scandinavian krumcake iron found at the bottom of a general store basket.

Most of all, venturing alone on urban cobblestone streets or dusty village lanes, becoming immersed in an unfamiliar, exotic place… always leads me to uncover more of who I truly am.

As a spiritual journeyer, yoga teacher, and modern-day bohemian, I recognize the great importance of unveiling one’s true self in order to authentically connect with others. To strip away the layers of conditioning, and allow that inner light to shine brightly is the most humbling and uplifting experience of all - not only abroad, but at home each day .

Our shop was born to showcase a little bit of this experience with a special collection of lovely, unusual, and often vintage, upcycled, handmade items from around the world.

These items each have a story to tell - and often that story is told firsthand by the person who has made it or used it. These interactions - whether in person, or found here and passed along to you - help us understand each other better. We learn, develop compassion, and become citizens of the world, instead of just our tiny neighborhoods or towns or even big cities.

The Yogi Shop is not just full of cool stuff that connects you to the outside world - but an internal shift that allows you to be YOU.

Our many one-of-a-kind pieces allow you to embrace your personal style and unique identity like never before - and to embody your own spiritual journey beyond the trends, shedding layers along the way to reveal true inner beauty, compassion, and light.

Plus, your purchase benefits organizations that train and employ disenfranchised women, support needy families with donations of much-needed clothes, shoes, and household goods, and provide education for children. We choose our supplier relationships with more than commerce in mind. It's about giving back, too.

Along with these good vibrations, you also get our good karma guarantee. We promise you will always be happy with your purchase.

Check out our ever-evolving collection of gorgeous, always-interesting clothing, accessories, lifestyle goods, organic herbal blends, and other unique finds from across the globe today - and discover a little more about yourself in the process.

Shine brightly, friend!

Samadhi Donna Witters Banks,

Founder & Modern Gypsy