Solar Eclipse Viewing {Meditation} Party

Join us atop Mount Hoy in Blackwell Forest preserve to view the upcoming Solar Eclipse! An eclipse is a powerful astronomical and energetic event, and provides us with the opportunity to recharge and develop of a new level of awareness, consciousness, and understanding of our universality, as we gather together in the coming together of darkness and light… the very meaning of “Guru” – or “Teacher.” 

Take this time to be amongst friends old and new, meditate, and delight in the wonders of cosmic alignment.

This event is the first viewable total eclipse in the continental US since 1979, and the next one is not until 2024 – do not miss it!  From our latitude, we should have about a 7/8 eclipse (almost total ;).  

BYOG (Bring Your Own *solar eclipse* Glasses)! Watch the passing, or just close your eyes and relish in the energy.

*Limited supplies of eclipse glasses may be available at your local library. Wheaton is out, though Winfield, Glen Ellyn, and others do have some. Glasses can also be ordered (do it TODAY!!) from online sources, vetted by AAS & NASA here: You can also DIY an aluminum pinhole viewer – just google instructions.

Special Note: From a yogic perspective, it is traditional that you honor this event with introspection and meditative energy, so periods of silence, fasting, and other practices may enhance your spiritual experience to prepare for this powerful time. 

See you there!