Living in Light: Identifying Purpose and Manifesting the Life You’ve Imagined

Each of us holds unique gifts, experiences, and dreams that lead us to serve a specific purpose for our time here on Earth – one that serves the highest good, and that we are each perfectly suited for, each in our own way, and that creates happiness, fulfillment, and love. This is Kundalini… your spiritual nature awakened, embodied, in action. 

The daily demands of work, family, and social obligations can often blur our vision and disconnect us from this essence, and take us away from our Hearts, where the Material and Angelic meet. As we begin 2017, let us gather to refine this personal connection to Truth and develop a clear vision for the path ahead, and how to deepen and live it every day – in a beautiful Life full of joy and blessings! 

Manifest your plan toward living in Light, in ways you may have only imagined. 

This day will be an inward-oriented, intellectual workshop-style session that includes writing in response to reflection prompts, journaling, vision-boarding, or even drawing or painting if you choose, as well as a few meditations, and a kriya or two to allow your inspiration to flow.  You will work in a fairly individual way via a step-by-step self-coaching method for clearing the path, creating intention, and manifesting the future. 

Get up close and personal with your Self as we walk through this simple process, and learn to channel your energy in a way that brings you what you need, what you want, and what is actually fulfilling to you at the deepest levels.

Join us for a journey that will set the stage for the years to come!

Space is limited, so be sure to secure your spot now, and please do update your RSVP if your plans change.

 How to Prepare:

* Bring a notebook and pen for writing, and any special materials you may like to create this experience for yourself – perhaps your personal journal, paints or pens that you like to create with, or anything else that inspires you.  Some additional materials will be provided, including paper, colored pencils, simple watercolors, and the like to help you find a way to express and represent your ideas.

* Wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can move in for light exercises, breath work, and meditation. White or light colors and natural fibers are recommended, if at all possible. (Cotton, linen, bamboo, wool, etc.)

* Come with a yoga mat for meditation, exercises, and relaxation.  Bolsters and blankets are available in the studio. Chairs will be available if needed.

* Bring a light snack if you like (vegetarian, please) and water or juice for refreshment.