In-Depth Kundalini Studies / Teacher Training Info Session

Join us for tea to talk about the upcoming year-long Kundalini Studies program beginning this April! Stay after our First Saturday class or simply join us at 3:30 to get an overview and have a chance for Q&A.

This 200-hour+ program is recognized and credentialed by Yoga Alliance, and intended for the dedicated student seeking an in-depth understanding and practice of Kundalini yoga and meditation, and provides preparation and training for becoming a teacher in this tradition.

This program integrates the traditional teachings of the Kundalini Tantra, with a strong focus on Kundalini philosophy, energetic anatomy, chakra system, and lifestyle, along with an underpinning of the anatomical structures and functions of the human body to better comprehend the effects and applications of this practice, as well as variations for diverse populations and ability levels.

Whether you’d like to deepen your personal practice or wish to teach yoga or meditation, this is an invaluable opportunity to learn and practice more intensively from the vast teachings of this tradition.