Many start in our classes as beginners, so if it's your first time, please know this is a safe, supportive place to begin your yoga journey. Whatever your level, here's some more about how it works here, and a few tips for a successful practice.


* Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to get settled in and take a few quiet moments before we begin.  New clients will need to do first-time registration, so it is especially imperative that you do arrive early for your first class.

* Late entry to class is discouraged in consideration of your fellow yogis and your teacher. That said, arriving late is better than not at all!

* Please remove your shoes upon entering the studio. Children must also remove shoes.  Socks should be removed for practices that involve standing and balancing.  Bring yogi “sticky” socks if your feet get cold or sweaty during practice.

* Please silence your mobile devices prior to entering the studio - or better yet, leave them behind to take this time just for YOU.  If you must make a call, please go outside.


How to Prepare

* Bring a yoga mat, or you can purchase one in the studio.  For Kundalini classes and as desired, we can special order suitable meditation cushions, blankets, and pads for you.  Bolsters and blankets are available in the studio. Chairs are available if needed.

* Refrain from eating for at least 2 hours before class. Yoga is most comfortable on an empty stomach. It's also important that you're not hungry, so have a little snack to tide you over, if need be.

* Drink plenty of water prior to + after practicing in order to stay hydrated and help support your system in flushing toxins.

* Leave cell phones and other electronic devices outside or turned off. In addition to demonstrating respect for your teacher and fellow students, yoga is a time for reflection and directing your attention inward, away from the distractions and the busy-ness of daily life. Prepare to empty your mind and focus on YOU.



* For Hatha and "flow" style classes, wear comfortable, well-fitting clothes. Be sure your clothing will allow you to move, though nothing overly baggy or binding, or revealing.  An exercise top or form-fitting t-shirt and stretchy pants work fine. Shorts are also fine. You don’t need special yoga gear, just be comfortable! We will practice barefoot.

* For Kundalini classes, wear loose, comfortable clothing that you can move in for light exercises, breath work, and meditation. White or light colors and natural fibers are recommended, if at all possible.(Cotton, linen, bamboo, wool, etc.)

* Socks should be removed for practices that involve standing and balancing.  Bring yogi “sticky” socks if your feet get cold or sweaty.

* Please refrain from wearing any heavy perfumes, which could be distracting to your fellow yogis.  Practice saucha {cleanliness} of body and clothing.



* Children are welcome in any class if they can participate quietly and for the duration without distracting others. We do not have child care, nor can children be unattended while waiting for a parent who is in class.

'Tweens and teens are generally fully able and excited to do yoga, and we love to see them in class! We do recommend a mature 8-9 years old as a minimum age for participation in regular "adult" classes.

* Class rates are the same as for adults in our regular classes. We offer seasonal and special classes for younger children and exclusively for certain age groups, which may have special rates.