Allow Your Spirit to Breathe...


Ahhh!  When you step into a space and automatically feel a sense of serenity.

That feeling.

A rare treat in our busy lives... and so very essential.

Imagine that experience every time you walk into your living areas, bedroom, or even your workplace.

As you gaze around at the carefully selected decor and furniture pieces, tranquil colors on the walls, drapery, and artwork, you notice the peaceful sounds of an intriguing water feature, and even calming aromatherapy inviting you in...  tempting you never to leave!

With our specialized interiors consulting services, you can now bring that same peace you feel after your yoga practice into your home or office.  We offer specialized interior e-consultation services, personal shopping, and design to help you create your own blissful oasis.

Long-time artist and interior stylist, Studio Samadhi founder 'Samadhi' Donna Witters Banks, will help you bring your vision to life, with creative finesse and attention to the energetic qualities you are seeking for your space.

Whether you just want a few suggestions, or want us to take the reins from top to bottom - and whatever your personal style, budget, taste or decor preferences - we can help you transform your environment into a place that is restful and beautiful, to support you and find peace at every level.

Allow us to offer you the following, accomplished at your convenience via electronic consultation:


Interiors E-Consultation

Electronic design assessment and consultation based upon your goals and special requests, which may include:

  • Room layout, flow, and furniture suggestions.
  • Overall color palette recommendations, from paint to furniture and decor.
  • Decor and accessory recommendations, including shapes, styles, types of artwork, and other ideas to work with as you design your home's interior.
  • Suggestions for how to unite your overall design scheme + make your home or office feel "pulled together"
  • Other special topics or issues you need to resolve to make your space feel simply blissful!
Communication and exchange of information is done electronically, by phone, email, or Skype sessions - so it's also convenient to schedule around your other activities, at your leisure. Additional hours may be needed based on scope.


Follow Up or Add-on Consultation Hours, or Personal Shopping Time

Choose from:

  • Review or expand upon design and decor choices from the initial consultation.
  • Provide more time as needed to work on your vision during the first visit.
  • Accompany you to your favorite shops to help you choose objects, colors, or furniture items.
  • Surrender to Samadhi and let us shop for you!
  • Return visit(s) to place items or make refinements, ensuring your space is perfectly serene and inviting, just the way you want it.


Realize the potential and peacefulness of your surroundings - contact us now to schedule your consultation!