Join our Studio Partnership Program to jump start your dream.

Do you have a passion for yoga? Are you dedicated to a holistic lifestyle, and love to share wellness with others? Do you long to be of service, in a tangible, fulfilling way every day? Are you motivated to manage your own business and set your own pace?

Join us as an owner of your very own Studio Samadhi franchise!

Opportunities are now available to take advantage of our proven model for creating a successful, thriving yoga business and community with our Studio Partnership Program.   Whether you are an individual teacher working in community settings or your own private space, or planning a commercial storefront studio, we have a way to put our strengths behind you.

Better Together.

Creating an independent yoga studio or yoga teaching business from scratch often involves a lot of trial and error, unnecessary bureaucracy, and tons of wasted time, energy, and money.  Without a solid business plan, efficient management tools, and professional expertise, many go under before really ever getting off the ground... often within just the first year!

Yet joining a big yoga franchise can be very costly – and corporate requirements may be out of step with offering a true yoga experience that embraces mind, body, AND spirit.

Let us help you take the guesswork out of the equation and build your dream!  We've been there, we're doing it now, and we also have many years of corporate expertise in business strategy, administration, and marketing to support you.

Focus more on doing what you love, and less on working out the details behind the scenes, when you become a Studio Partner.

Whether you are starting a studio from the ground up, expanding your practice as a yoga teacher into a broader business, looking to improve the reach of an existing studio, or even purchasing a studio business, we would love for you to join the Studio Samadhi family to increase your potential – and your satisfaction, knowing you are supported every step of the way.


Our Studio Partnership Program provides:

  • Start-up coaching and business mentorship for building and growing your business,
  • Established processes and metrics for accounting, human resources, and class scheduling,
  • Website, email, social media, and other marketing presence and support to help you promote your business and events,
  • Integrated management tools and systems based on industry best practices,
  • Brand recognition and the many benefits of a multi-location strategy,
  • Branding package with logos, fonts, and color system,
  • Location selection assistance plus interior design guidance and décor schematics for your physical business site,
  • Access to our signature Yogi Tea supplies and brewing method to serve your guests, as well as retail wholesale opportunities, including Yogi Tea packages, to stock your shop,
  • Wholesale purchasing accounts and pricing for retail goods,
  • On-going consultation support as you develop your business,
  • A community of owners and colleagues who share your passion,
  • And more!

Live Your Passion.

With all of these resources available to you within the simple yet robust model of our Studio Partnership Program, you have an affordable, easy way to enhance your experience and the success of your business.  It's every reason you need to jump in and pursue your dream!

We are here for you, for the mutual benefit of all to support you in your business endeavor, to help you bring the benefits of yoga and meditation to more people every day. We'd love the chance to hear about your plans, and explain more about how the program works. Contact us now to learn more and take the first step today!

Next Steps...

Get in touch to share your vision, and see how we can support you!  We're excited to hear your plans, and look forward to customizing a partnership that will benefit you for years to come.