TheosoFEST! Embracing Kundalini: Chanting Mantra for a Spirit-Filled Life

Join us at TheosoFEST Mind Body Spirit Festival to enjoy a day of spiritual connection, fun and learning – including a special session together @ 12:00 PM in the outdoor event tent for

Embracing Kundalini: Chanting Mantra for a Spirit-Filled Life!

Activate the energy of your creative consciousness, known as Kundalini, and unfurl your ultimate potential with the uplifting, life-affirming practice of Mantra! In this experiential session, you’ll get the opportunity to chant amongst supportive community and with expert guidance, to open your heart and unleash your True Self. Understand first-hand how the sound current works to enliven your chakras, increase your vitality, and help you live a healthy, purposeful life — mind, body, and spirit.

No experience necessary – come as you are and join in!

Hang around after the talk to connect with others in the group, and additional Q&A with Samadhi.

More details about TheosoFEST can be found at This event is FREE to the public! Parking is a nominal fee per vehicle (~ $5)

Your guide for this session, Samadhi Banks, has been dedicated to holistic wellness, yoga and meditation for nearly 20 years. She brings her breadth of experience and dynamic teaching style to in-depth studies and teacher training programs in the philosophy and practices of Kundalini, classical yoga and meditation, Reiki, and crystal and gemstone therapy. She also offers The Indigo Project, a course for understanding and supporting the unique needs of today’s children from an energetic and chakra-based perspective. Find more details on these programs at (